Sir Erik

Paladin of Mystra


After his mother died in child-birth Erik was spent his early years living at the temple of Mystra in which he was born. His life changed drastically one day. His boyhood friend Luthor was learning the ways of magic in the temple. Luthor was ever eager to improve, to learn more and one day his eagerness proved too much, he attempted a spell far beyond his ability and the result would have been catastrophic had Erik not been there. Instead of destroying the two boys the energy was harmlessly absorbed by Erik. After investigation by the clerics and local mages it was discovered that Erik had the gift of spellfire. For saving Luthor’s life Erik was rewarded by Luthor’s father by being adopted into their family.

Over the years it became clear that other than spellfire, Erik had no magical ability, he was instead trained by his adopted father in the ways of combat and became a paladin of Mystra, sworn to protect the purity of magic and to punish those who would seek to abuse it. His brother Luthor, jealous at the attention his father was paying to his new brother, devoted his every hour to attaining more magical knowledge and power. This ultimately led to his journey to darkness. He was seduced by the promises of power beyond his dreams by a man he met on his travels. This man was in fact a vampire, and so too became Luthor.

Now the two brothers are sworn enemies. One blessed by Mystra with great power to be a guardian of magic, the other tainted by foul necromantic energy seeks to control magic and bend it to his will. Only the gods know what will happen when at last they meet again.

Sir Erik

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